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The Meridian Bridge, a long-time landmark in Yankton, is the result of hard work and determination of local citizens long before automobiles were crossing the river from Yankton to communities in Nebraska.

The stately Meridian Bridge, built in 1924, was the first permanent highway crossing the Missouri River. This unique bridge is a "double-decker" with one lane positioned above another. It was constructed as a lift-span bridge to allow riverboat traffic to traverse the river. Up until 1953, it was operated as a toll bridge.

1,668 feet long on eight concrete piers, the Meridian Highway Bridge was officially dedicated on October 11, 1924, crossing the Missouri River and spanning two states, South Dakota and Nebraska. The Meridian Highway Bridge was the final link for pioneers who were traveling the 3,100 mile International Meridian Highway from Mexico City, Mexico to Winnipeg, Canada.

Meridian Bridge
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