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Route Information
Old Baldy is half a mile inland from here. Lewis and Clark visited Old Baldy on September 7, 1804 and found the prairie dog, which was previously unknown. The river between Sunshine Bottom and Verdel is pretty narrow with surrounding bluffs. The bluffs are made up of Niobrara Chalk deposited around 85 million years ago when a sea covered this area. Many types of fossils can be found in the bluffs, such as fish and toothed birds. Just downriver from Sunshine Bottom and on the north side is Greenwood, SD. More...
Begin Access Pt Sunshine Bottom
River mile 866
Latitude: 42 55 18.69N Longitude: 98 24 28W
End Access Pt Running Water
River mile 840
Latitude: 42 46 15.16N Longitude: 97 58 44.18W
Natural Features Old Baldy, Sanctuary Island, Bazile Creek State Wildlife Management Area
Cultural Features Yankton Sioux Treaty Monument, Chief Standing Bear Overlook