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Route Information
Starting out at White Crane, you are just downriver from Gavins Point Dam. South of the Dam is Calumet Bluff, where the Lewis and Clark expedition spent four nights in 1804. Lewis and Clark Visitors Center is now situated on Calumet Bluff. When heading downstream from Whitecrane, about a mile down are remains of some pilings built by German World War II prisoners in 1945 to protect the Meridian Bridge. More...
Begin Access Pt White Crane
River mile 810.1
Latitude: 42 50 59.5N Longitude: 97 27 43.9W
End Access Pt Riverside Park
River mile 805.4
Latitude: 42 51 57.8N Longitude: 97 23 04.3W
Natural Features Calumet Bluff, Sister Island, Green Island
Cultural Features World War II pilings, Discovery Bridge